Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set Review

Did you know Hello Kitty turned 40 this year? And did you know she's not actually a cat?! Such a bummer but I still love her so much nonetheless! :) The 40th Anniversary Collection includes several adorable makeup sets and accessories. I'll be featuring the items I received on HelloJaa for the following few days so be prepared for the cuteness overload! :) We'll start off with the most kawaii nail art kit today! Oh, and just in case you didn't know, kawaii = kyut = cute! ;D

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set

The 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set has everything (well, almost) you'll ever need to create Hello Kitty-themed nail art! The set includes:

  • A Keepsake Tin. (8.75″ x 5″) I'm sorry. I know this is supposed to be about nail art but my favorite piece from the set is this super adorable tin! ^_^”
  • A Kawaii Nail File. With Hello Kitty logo on one side and Hello Kitty pattern on the other.
  • A Hello Kitty Signature Stamper Kit.
    (1) a silver stamping plate with 7 (tiny) images (a teddy bear, an apple, a solid Hello Kitty bow, a blank Hello Kitty bow, a tulip, a Hello Kitty face, and of course, an entire Hello Kitty character from head to toe!)
    (2) a red cushiony stamper with black handle
    (3) a metal scraper
    how to use the stamper kit: apply nail polish over the desired image, scrape off excess with the scraper, press the stamper over the image, and then stamp the image onto your nail (easy peasy!)
  • Hello Pretty Polish. (0.17 fl oz) Ruby Red is a medium red and Bright White is a stark white. Both colors are opaque with two coats. They are a little thick and dry super quick so they are great for stamping!
  • 3D Hello Bling! Nail Rhinestones. (x20) Each one has a clear, raised Hello Kitty face design over a silver background. Very bling bling indeed! These are not stickers so you'd have to align them on the nail polish and top with a clear coat to set.
  • 3D Tiny Apples Nail Art. (x20) These are red apple art decals that you also apply on the polish and top with a clear coat to set.
  • 1974 Nail Stickers. (x3) Each sheet has different designs. Two of them are a solid blue, red, and white theme, and the last one is an outline silver theme.
  • Supercute Accent Nail Appliqués. (x3) I'm a little bummed that these are not a full 10-piece set! You only get 2 pieces of each pattern (red bow, Hello Kitty face, and Hello Kitty).
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set

I'm not very savvy when it comes to nail art but I can see myself trying a few different looks with the set just for fun! The Kawaii Nail Set is a limited edition piece that is unfortunately no longer available on Sephora website but it is still available in store and now at half price (original US$39)! This would make a great holiday gift for the little ones, teens, and even adults who are Hello Kitty fans! :)

Disclosure: The Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Kawaii Nail Set was provided by Sephora. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says: Janet

    I’m with you Jaa, I love the container! I like nail art. This set looks really cute! I may take a crack at it one day, but what I would really love, is having someone do it for me. ; )

    By the way if Hello Kitty isn’t really a Kitty, what is she then? :D :D :D. You have me curious now!!! HA HA

  2. says: Dee

    Not a big nail person myself ( although I love nailstamps and have a ton of those) so I passed on this but that TIN is sooooooo ..”kawaii” hehe its ADORABLE!! I would have used it as a pencil case/box if I was still in school lol

  3. says: Sylirael

    This is an incredibly adorable set! I know exactly what you mean about the whole tin thing – I am all about the tins, GWP bags, LE packaging…

    I agree that it’s pretty weird that there are only two of each of the nail appliques. I guess you’re supposed to use them as a ‘feature nail’?

    I have to admit, my favourite Sanrio character was always either Keroppi or Pochacco, but Hello Kitty is always super cute ^_^

    1. says: Jaa

      That’s what I thought, too. They are probably just for the accent nail! :D My high school BFF is a huge fan of Keroppi!!!!

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