Tool Thursday: MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush Review

MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush
MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush


  • Head: 1 cm H x 1.7 cm W x 0.05 cm D (0.4 in H x 0.67 in W x 0.02 in D)
  • Handle: 14.7 cm L (5.8 in L)

Review & Usage

MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush is a great tool for polishing lashes post-mascara. It is designed to separate lashes and declump. The brush head is really small (and oh-so-cute!), serrated, and shaped like a regular fan brush. The bristles are synthetic, firm, but are still flexible enough to comb through lashes easily from root to tip.

It can also be used to apply mascara for a natural look — begin by running the brush through the mascara wand to pick up the mascara, then apply to the lashes starting from the roots, wiggle the brush to distribute the mascara between lashes (and to “build” thickness), and slowly comb through the length of the lashes to the tip. You know sometimes a regular mascara wand can deposit too much mascara onto the lashes — and often times weighing them down, but with this brush, it is possible to apply just the right amount of mascara so that your lashes stay curled.

The pointy bristles are also perfect for mascara application on the bottom lashes which are practically non-existent on my eyes. Still, when I’m feeling fancy, I will do this step for an added touch. If your bottom lashes are full, this will be a great tool to use as opposed to a regular mascara wand that can cause a smear under the eye if not careful.

While it does a great job at polishing lashes, one thing it’s not meant to do is to volumize. It will not make your lashes look fuller or longer and I would not rely on it unless a natural look is desired.

It can also be used to clean up eyeshadow fallout on the lashes. I find it to be superior than using a spoolie or lash comb as the bristles of the 205 are much smaller and pointier, so they reach the hard-to-reach and between lashes more efficiently.

Overall, a great tiny little tool to have in your makeup kit! Probably not a necessity but it is sure a convenience for when you need one. :)


The white bristles are surprisingly easy to clean! A few quick swipes onto a makeup remover towel will get rid of the mascara residues in no time. Due to its small size, I’d pay attention to the storage and would not carry it along with a bunch of other bigger brushes while travel as it may cause damage to the bristles.


US$20 at AmazonMAC

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  1. says: Divya

    Damn! you do have a mini MAC store in your backyard for sure! :D Where has this brush been all this while? I dont think the stores here even stock it! I have struggled with eyeshadows on my lashes which is not a pretty look and so glad that this helps with that! But then cannot be spending so much for just THAT! :P

  2. says: Carolyn

    I had no idea that MAC had a mascara fan brush! Thanks so much for the helpful review, Jaa :). I also have nonexistent bottom lashes — I’ve tried applying mascara to them several times to no avail. I think I’ll have to pick this up next time I’m at the MAC counter!!

  3. says: Smita Roy

    hey Jaa,
    Just came across your blog and I loved it….the blog format, the pictures and your reviews….pretty interesting…have followed you instantly on bloglovin…wud definitely be stopping by more often…

  4. says: Sunny

    I’ve seen this one but I thought it’s really more for makeup artists than us normal people! Now that you speak so highly of it, I might just have to check it out!

  5. says: Sylirael

    Hehe, this is a cute idea, but this rogue is WAY too lazy to use a separate brush to apply her mascara, LOL! I can’t even manage lip brushes for lipstick! If my mascara wand deposits too much, then the brand has failed, and I need to find another brand… (the unforgiving rogue speaks). ;-)

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