Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé Review & Swatches

The first review of the new year calls for something extra special and right now it is hard to think of anything else more special than the new Chanel blush in Camélia Rosé! A limited-edition collector’s piece that is slowly taking everyone’s breath away for its stunning flowery design. But is it worth paying the extra money for? Let me share my thoughts with you. :)

Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé

Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé is one of the two cheek blushes released for Chanel’s Spring 2015 Rêverie Parisienne Collection. It features an intricately raised camellia motif on the surface that seems to stay intact even after multiple uses. The first thing you’ll notice upon opening the compact is the super tiny size of the blush which contains only 3 g (0.1 oz) of product. The exterior packaging is the same size as regular Joues Contraste blushes but contains half the product and costs $10 more. The second thing I noticed was the strong, powdery rose scent! It’s not overpowering by any means but it’s much stronger than most perfumed blushes I have smelled.

Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé

The mirrored compact comes protected in a black velvet pouch (not pictured) and includes a Chanel-stamped, black plastic cover and a small applicator that is usable and functional. To my surprise, the brush actually works really well for picking up the color (by using swiping motions across the surface of the blush) and depositing it on the cheeks as you will see in my portrait photo below where I didn’t use any additional brush to apply. It may take a little longer than a typical blush brush to cover the large area of the cheeks but at least the soft bristles fan out nicely to diffuse the hard edges as you apply.

Besides the included applicator, I find smaller blush brushes such as MAC 168 and Shu Uemura 20 to work really well since they fit in the pan and are firm enough to pick up the right amount of pigment for a soft and even application on the cheeks.

Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé

The two-toned Camélia Rosé comprises of 2 distinct shades of pink: a darker, warmer mauve rose and a lighter, cooler muted pale pink. Both contain sparse but sparkly shimmer in the formula that translates to a soft satiny glow on the cheeks. With small effort, you can angle the tip of the included brush perpendicularly to the surface of the blush to pick up each color and apply them separately as a highlighter and a blush. A more practical way would be to swirl them together and apply for a soft and delicate flush of warm rose with a satin-matte finish.

Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé

Pigmentation-wise, let’s say if you have medium skin tone, you will need some layering for the color to appear on your cheeks. It is on the lighter side of the blush scale but at least the color is buildable. Although the more you build, the more powdery it will become. I really don’t mind subtle blushes at all since they are more comfortable to apply and are less likely to over do.

The texture of Camélia Rosé is generally smooth but slightly firmer upon touch than other luxury blushes. I suspect it has something to do with preserving the pretty design. We are charged a premium price for the visual effect after all, so anything to keep the beautiful pattern to stay longer! :)

Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé; L-R: each shade individually and swirled together
Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé; L-R: each shade individually and swirled together

Despite the sheer pigmentation, Camélia Rosé lasts unexpectedly long! On my combination skin, I didn’t notice any fading until after 7-8 hours which is really impressive. Below is how it looks on me with a few layers on and yes I applied the blush with the included applicator! :)

Wearing Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé
Wearing Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé

I see Camélia Rosé being a good option for those who have light to medium skin tone, prefer subtle and easy-to-apply cheek colors, and have a soft spot for pretty details. And of course, if you are a true Chanel makeup collector, this piece is a must-have! The tiny size may be a deal-breaker to some but it is certainly not for me since I’ve never hit pan on any of my blushes anyway. I have used Camélia Rosé extensively and I have to say the texture becomes softer and more pigmented once you get passed the stiffer top layers. So, don’t write it off as an under performer just after a few uses. Give it some time and you’ll perhaps see its true beauty and performance. :)


US$55 at NordstromSaks

At Chanel counters

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  1. says: Sunny

    Hey Jaa, thanks for the gorgeous photos and thorough review! I was ready to give up on this, but if you say once you get past the service things look rosier, I BELIEVE YOU! Definitely can’t wait to see the spring collections here. I’m hoping I’ll at least hear about them next week. The Europeans REALLY need their holidays. Before this Christmas/New Year’s thing is completely over. things are so dead quiet!

    1. says: Jaa

      Hey Sunny! You know I think it’s good that we are seeing new collections early here but sometimes I can’t help but wish that brands would slow down a little! LOL! I just want to appreciate the moment you know? Like, we are just in the middle of winter here but I’m seeing spring makeup already! At this rate, I think by next winter we will start seeing fall collections. Haha

      I hope you’ll like Camélia Rosé if you decide to try it! <3

  2. says: Krithi

    I’m confused now totally !!
    After your review I really think it’s a good one for me considering I’m loyal to chanel , like sheer blushes and love anything rose ;)
    Let’s see what to do !!!

    1. says: Jaa

      Are you around NC30 or lighter in MAC, Krithi? I’m afraid if you are darker than NC30, this might not show up well! :)

  3. says: Sylirael

    Well, it is certainly very, very pretty on your cheeks! I’m glad to hear that the blush performs so well – If I ever got this, I would probably just have it as an objet d’art and never use it – and I’d be OK with that, if that was what I bought it for (deliberately). As to the size, it certainly rankles that they made it substantially smaller *and* increased the price, but I do agree on the whole ‘have you ever actually hit pan on a blush’ thing. It’s hard to feel (personally) too Grinchy about the size of things when you never actually ‘get your money’s worth’ in that sense out of most makeup products anyway. Well, I don’t (except lipsticks, perhaps). ;-)

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks, Syl! It nearly killed me to swatch this blush! But I gotta do what I gotta do! I closed my eyes and swirled, swirled, and swirled some more. T_T Yeah, the tiny size and price increase really put everyone off. Like everything else in life I guess, if you want something special/customized, you are likely to have to pay more. :-/

  4. says: Agata

    The design on the blush is absolutely beautiful and the shades are super pretty too. I am still on the fence whether to get it or not. I think I would be too scared to use it since it’s so pretty. It looks great on you though!

  5. says: Kira

    The rose motif is beautiful! I actually prefer more subtle blushes, since highly pigmented ones can give me those lovely clown cheeks hehe.

  6. says: Liz

    I haven’t seen this in person yet but keep hearing of how small it is and it’s disappointing that Chanel did that! Like you said, not that a blush is so easy to finish, but still. I think I’d have been more tempted had the colours been deeper. It’s a lovely shade but not super unique aside from the gorgeous pattern. *walks away weeping* lol

    1. says: Jaa

      LOL kudos to your willpower! ;D The colors are definitely dupe-able but yeah, the selling point here is the design!

  7. says: Erin

    I have hit pan on blush! I love my Armani blush and will use every last particle in the container. It’s actually very similar to this overall color. The texture is a bit finer though!

    I think for me the cost is too much for the amount.

  8. says: Fiona

    On you this blush is fantastic! The packaging and design everything has my eyes glued to it but I doubt it will look good on my medium skin. But will surely try it in person.

    1. says: Jaa

      I think it’s more suitable to lighter skin tones. If you are above NC30 in MAC, this might not show up! :( Unless you want to buy it as a collector’s piece and never use it. :D

  9. says: Dee

    Seee…..last year I would have probably gone out and ordered this just because it looked so cute..what with your wondeful macro photography amd all Jaa. BUT…with my steely resolve thisy ear to not buy any more makeup until I use what I have lol…im able to say NO THANK YOU :)) hehe having said that though I think it looks SO pretty on you!!

  10. says: Xuvious

    I feel like the blush would look a bit grey on me but it’s so pretty on you! I love the packaging too, it’s such a great buy. :)

  11. Hi Jaa,
    this is a great and very well thought review. I didn’t think that the blush is stiff to keep the design. It is nice to hear that it gets better. I am not sure though if I ever will see it because I am reluctant to use it lol. There is no way I am buying two of those to look at one and use the other so I am going to keep the one I have intact and use other blushes ;-)

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks, Sara! The beautiful pattern on mine is basically gone because I’ve been using it and testing it so much. I’m really, truly sad. :(

  12. says: Natasja

    Hi Jaa! Happy New Year! This is a great review and the blush looks amazing. It does look subtle indeed..just a natural rosy touch to those gorgeous cheeks of yours. It would probably be too light for me.. hm, I wonder, though!

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