On My Radar: December 2014

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  • I am also looking forward to the launch of the new NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette and Dual-Intensity Blush Palette!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks also need to come to the US already!
  • Did you pick up the Wayne Goss The Holiday Brush? If so, I'd like to know what you think about it! :)

Sources: Sephora.com, Nordstrom.com, and Beauty.com

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  1. says: Xuvious

    I really like the Clarins Instant Light Perfector, they’re so comfortable. I really want to try the lip balm version at some point. :)

    1. says: Jaa

      I heard so many good things about the tube version! So glad to see they came out with the stick version which is more practical and portable in my opinion! :D

    1. says: Jaa

      I really like the look of it, too! So many goodies in the palette. I saw it in person and found it to be a bit bulky, though. The palette is really thick! But I suppose if you’re “on the run” you will probably need something more sturdy anyway. ;D

  2. says: Sunny

    Ah that Chanel blush *fans herself* I might eventually get a real Beautyblender, or maybe not because I get along really well with the Dior one and it doesn’t bleed dye on me!

  3. says: Agata

    OMG, my wishlist is so similar to yours! Chanel blush is on the top of the list but I’d really like to see it in person because some people have been saying the formula is rather dry. YSL new lip oil tints- I so want to try these! And the new Smashbox primer. I didn’t know there was a new Beauty Blender, I have to check it out! Oh and I already got the Naked on the Run palette.

    1. says: Jaa

      I heard about the sheer pigmentation, too, but at this point, I am all about the design than quality. LOL! Bad, I know! How do you like the UD Naked On The Run? :)

  4. says: Erin

    We are on such a similar wavelength here. I’m lemming about 75% of the same things. I will probably only go for Chanel spring, the YSL oil tint and the By Terry. I think I’d got with Tisse Paris though. Makes more sense with my coloring.

  5. says: Jessica

    I have two of the Wayne Goss holiday brushes, one from this year and one from last year. This year’s is much softer and both are fantastic!

  6. Hi Jaa,
    I just wanted to tell you, you have a great list, yes please to all of them lol.
    I wanted to open this post on my mobile phone but although I can open the other posts, this didn’t work.
    I don’t know why, just thought I should let you know.


  7. says: Sylirael

    Ugh, as usual, I want, basically, all the things on your list here. ;-) Perhaps especially the Chanel blush, the YSL tint-in-oil thing, and the TF French Boys set. *sigh* so many beautiful things, so little time (and money, LOL!) to try them all… :-D

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