On My Radar: January 2014

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Sources: Sephora.com, Nordstrom.com, SpaceNK.com, and Birchbox.com

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  1. says: Rachelle

    *Checks Sephora’s + Nordstroms’ cart*

    – FLOWER Beauty Cream Foundation
    – Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows
    – Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
    – MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer
    – NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
    – Diorsnow White Reveal Pure Transparency Powder
    – Chanel Cream Blushes
    – Anything from Tom Ford really
    – Hakuhodo Brushes

    !!! Now I just need an excuse to purchase all of these tee hee

    1. says: Jaa

      But how many concealers do you need?! And you don’t even need any!! LOL! I want to try Hakuhodo brushes, too! But they are so expensive!!! :( Guess I’m just waiting for a special “occasion” to splurge, lol.

      1. says: Rachelle

        Haha yes!! My boyfriend will kill me if I spend that much on brushes :( Plus the lesser brushes I get the lesser I will have to wash! Hahahahaha logic

        Plus I need to add something to my list!!!! I just saw this come out on Sephora’s site. Do I really need it? NO! Do I want it? YES!!!!! I don’t think it’s available in Singapore yet but I might want to feel how the texture is and how the shade goes! Maybe I’ll wait for this to launch in Singapore, test it out, and compare prices before I purchase it lol


        *Random Fact*
        By the way did I mention the Revlon Colorstay Foundation costs USD $24 here????? INSANE!!!!!!!

        1. says: Jaa

          Ohhhhhhh…. that looks interesting, Rachelle!! Why are you doing this to me?! Not being friendly to my wallet and all!!!! LOL!

          And HOLY MOLY $24 for a Revlon foundation?!! That’s OUTRAGEOUS! I hope you didn’t buy it!! I’ll get you one from here if you want, plus shipping it would still cost less ha ha.

          1. says: Rachelle

            Hahaha now you know how I feel too when I see all the sales!! :P I really really love Dior because it is my first high-end brand that I’ve ventured into! I swear by their Lash base Mascara primer!!! I’m about to be done with my first tube – will be waiting for the 15% VIB in March lol (hopefully) plus it will be my birthday then so I can redeem the MUFE birthday gift! Whee.

            Online shopping is so much better.. I feel like salespeople here in Singapore are quite stuck up. The other day I was at NARS and they didn’t even bother acknowledging my presence :(


            Precisely!!! Haha, just being random because I went to our drugstore, saw the prices and got a huge shock!!! Insanely insane hahaha. I think I can list and compare all the crazy prices in Singapore hahaha.

            Omg here I am droning on and on and on and on…. Hahahaha.

    2. says: Jaa

      Dior is my first luxury brand, too! I remember buying their lip glosses! The packaging was so different back then, just clear plastic tube, nothing fancy like nowadays!

      So I guess I should be prepard for the biggest order of the year in March? LOL!

      I can totally relate about being ignored! It doesn’t happen too often for me but when it does, it sucks, lol. Don’t take it personally though, I’d just go spend my money somewhere else. I prefer online shopping anyway, I get better deals and better samples, haha! But then again, nothing beats instant gratification when shopping in store…

  2. says: Amanda

    Ugh, that Nars Eye palette is to die for. So pretty!

    I tried the Bite Agave Lip Mask and it made my lips really flaky, but then again I have very sensitive lips so I may have just had a reaction to it.

    I’m also curious now about the Hourglass Tinted Moisturizer. They make amazing foundation, the moisturizer is probably great too!

    1. says: Jaa

      I’m starting to not be so sure about getting the Nars palette now.. because I have heard so many people saying the quality isn’t the same as the singles and pigmentation is weak… so we’ll see!

      Sorry to hear about the Bite Agave Lip Mask experience! I hope you can return it at least! :)

  3. says: Laura

    I absolutely LOVE Bite Beauty, I think they can do no wrong, and I’ve heard good things about the lip mask! And wow, that NARS palette looks so gorgeous.

    1. says: Jaa

      Hey Laura!!!

      How do you like the Naked3 palette?! :D

      I haven’t tried anything from Bite Beauty yet… well, except that one red lipstick that comes with the Rouge card. My lips are not sensitive so maybe I will give the lip mask a try! I also want to try their lip pencils, too! Have you tried them?

      And the Nars palette, well, I’m torn! For the price I expect it to have excellent quality but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews! So I don’t know… will you be getting it?

      1. says: Laura

        I love my Naked 3! I also got the Naked 1 for Christmas, so in December my Naked collection was completed! Well, except the Flushed palette, which I don’t have any desire to get. The colors in the 3 are so gorgeous! I’m still in shock that I actually won, it was such a nice surprise :)

        I have tried the pencils! I have it in Pomegranate and I also got the Best Bite set of 4 “mini” pencils. All of their pencils and lipsticks are really pigmented and creamy and just lovely. I recently got one of the Matte Cream Lip Crayons in the “Grape” color and it is so bright!

        The price for the NARS palette is very high.. but the colors are so gorgeous. I will have to see if there’s room in my budget :)

        1. says: Jaa

          I wasn’t that impressed with the Flushed palette, either but for some reason it is a very popular palette in Thailand. :D

          I’m so glad you love the Naked3, though! The colors are beeeeautiful, aren’t they!! I can’t get enough of it!

          I hope Bite comes out with more lip pencil sets soon! I’ve never been interested in them but now I am and they are no longer available, lol! Gotta check out the Grape you’re talking about. Sounds like the kind of color I’d love! :D

          I’m torn too about the Nars palette… I really want it… but it’s just so expensive! And the reviews aren’t all that positive so we’ll see! :)

          Off topic, if I’m not mistaken, you are also in Biology? If so, high-fiiiiiiiiiiiive! :D :D

          1. says: Laura

            Yes I am :) I’m almost done with my Bachelor’s degree in general biology. Science and makeup, my two favorite things!

    2. says: Jaa

      Oh that’s nice!! You must be excited!! I hope I’m invited to your graduation ceremony!!! Ha ha! :D

      Bachelor’s degree sounds like a long time ago to me, though, I was so young and all…. gosh I feel sooo old, lol!

      Are you doing Master’s after or are you going to a Med school? :)

      1. says: Laura

        Probably neither! Definitely not medical school. I have been thinking about a master’s degree but if I do that, I think I would want to try a different field – maybe something like psychology? But that wouldn’t be for a while. I’m looking forward to starting work and earning money to pay down my student loans! I’d like to do some sort of work where I’d get to be in a lab, and the bay area has a lot of opportunities in the science field, thankfully.

  4. says: Sam

    I LOVE the Hourglass tinted moisturizer. It’s definitely more of a medium coverage foundation, but it covers so well and it’s light and natural looking.

    1. says: Jaa

      Hi Sam!

      Thanks for enabling me, ha ha. Medium coverage and still natural-looking? I’m sold!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

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