On My Radar: May 2014

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Sources: Sephora.com, Nordstrom.com, SpaceNK.com, Chanel.com, and Neimanmarcus.com

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  1. says: popsicle13

    i want to try Bobbi new formula foundation stick too Wayne Goss raved about it :]

    and Mac duo fiber brush range are getting more and more hype i see many good review for their cheek duo fiber brush or something i ‘m not sure

    1. says: Jaa

      I haven’t been watching youtube vids for ages! I’ve been so busy with blogging! I don’t know anymore who raves about what. Guess it’s good in a way. Less temptation! Haha.

      I actually just bought the MAC 132 brush a few days ago. Loving it so far! :)

  2. says: Rachelle

    Interesting choices this month! Our local Sephora is busy promoting the Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara recently and I’m really interested in trying it out! I’m a huge fan of Dior’s Mascara ever since I got a sample of one – but have been putting off purchasing any because I’ve lots of deluxe mascara samples to go through.

    The D&G bottle is so cute!!

    And what does the Kate Spade body powder do?? Have never seen nor used anything like this before!

    1. says: Jaa

      I also just bought the Dior It-Lash mascara… in all 4 shades! LOL! I couldn’t decide so I bought them all! ^_^

      As for the Kate Spade Powder, you just brush the powder using the provided brush all over your body/arms/legs where the skin is exposed for a shimmering skin effect! I like that the powder is fragranced, too, so not only will your skin look good, you will smell good also! ^_^

  3. says: Nongnou

    Just ordered Guerlain terra tropica yesterday, hope it will be arrived in 3 weeks. BTW this one has less reviews than 30yr anniversary one – don’t know why, will try them soon.

  4. says: Divya

    I haven’t tried anything from ByTerry yet! They just seem so ridiculously pricey!! Everything is just right out of my wishlist! :D

  5. says: Chris

    Guerlain bronzers are always so enticing, even if for the packaging alone. :)

    I’ve been very obsessed with Bite Beauty lipsticks. I own Tannin, but I’ve been wanting a few more. I also have my eye on the Lancome eyeshadow palette in Chocolate Amande.

  6. says: Sylirael

    Hehe, I got an email about those Benefit balms! I love the idea of them (especially Lolli Balm), and the packaging is neat, but I feel like they should probably not have called it a tinted lip balm if they want that price for it ;-) The by Terry stuff looks gorgeous! And the Dior, and the Marc Jacobs palette… :-P

    If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here chasing my gold purse around the dungeon. Shouldn’t have got the wizard to give it legs. Seemed cute at the time, but…

    1. says: Jaa

      LOL Syl! You always crack me up! :D :D

      Benefit always charges premium prices for their cute packaging! I guess it’s to be expected, even if it’s just a tinted lip balm! I bought two of them. One, I quite like, the other, not so much. I’ll have the reviews up by next week (I hope!).

    1. says: Jaa

      Same here, Simera! I have been using only drugstore mascaras as well but upon seeing the Dior one, I caved and bought all 4 shades available! I’ve never been excited about mascara this much before haha!

  7. says: Amanda

    I just got Benefit’s Lollibalm today and literally just put it on – I quite like it so far! I’m sure you’ve done your research, but it’s suuuuper sheer. I almost wish it packed a more colourful punch, or had a lip-staining quality, but I’m excited about what it is!

    1. says: Jaa

      Yay! Which one did you get? I have two of them, Lollibalm and Posiebalm. I like the Lollibalm a tad bit better since it’s more pigmented. The Posiebalm goes on crazy sheer on my lips and I’m not quite happy about it! I love the formula, though!

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