On My Radar: October 2014

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Sources: Sephora.com, Nordstrom.com, Saks.com, and Neimanmarcus.com

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      1. says: Karina

        Hahaha 1+, I want the Keepsakes Brown eye bag :D and I’m waiiiiiiting for the Sephora F&F sale! I have a list of what I want to buy, What I NEED to buy, and what I’m actually going to buy (like two things) xD

  1. says: Carolyn

    So many great new products! The Clarins lipgloss set looks beautiful. I recently bought the NARS Luminous Powder foundation and like it! Punjab is a good match for us, although it does take a little while to warm up on the skin to become a true match.

  2. says: Erika

    Ohmy I could just reblog this entire list. LOL. Definitely getting my hands on the Benefit blush box ASAP. And even if I already have a Ruby Woo, I still want the red lip set from MAC :-( and the gold lip & eye bag… and and and…. everything on this list. D: =)) so much frustrations, lol.

    1. says: Jaa

      There’s no way I could afford buying everything on the list but I like to have my options! I may have already splurged on a few things here, though! ;D MAC holiday collection is gorgeous! I literally want to buy every set!!! T_T

  3. says: Grace

    Hi Jaa,
    The Nars Palette is on my wishlist too. I will either get the Nars one or the Hourglass one depending on which one looks better on me:)

  4. says: Sylirael

    Since ‘GIMMEALLOFITRIGHTNOW’ is not really a mature or balanced response, I shall limit my effusivity to: the YSL lipstick, the Bite set (REALLY want this! OMGWTFBBQ, etc), the TF Pussycat lipstick and the Sephora Give Me More Lip set. You have NO IDEA how much I wish we had stuff like that last set here. Samples just don’t exist! Argh!! And the full size is non-returnable and too expensive to risk! #roguerage #middleearthproblems #lipstickaddictproblems ;-)

    1. says: Jaa

      I’ll be in the same boat soon… and I’m not looking forward to it! But then again, I’ll probably be more careful about what I buy and will have more money saved in the end! You have no idea how many times I make the minimum purchase just to get samples. LOL. Without samples, I wouldn’t have bought those items in the first place! -__-“

  5. says: Erin

    The Bite set is certainly on my list. I could see of the other might make it on there but my list is so long it makes this list look short. Between my lack of $$$ and my lack of storage space makeup collecting isn’t much of an option. If it’s not something I really need or will use semi-regularly I won’t keep it. It’s breaks my heart to toss great makeup when I can’t use it anymore!

    1. says: Jaa

      Same here, Erin! Limited storage space is one of my concerns, too, so these days I’m trying to buy less of those big palettes!

  6. says: Liz

    LOL! You want ALL THE THINGS. I feel you.

    I’ve been working on my holiday wish list forever and have finally slashed it down to a reasonable amount. I’m going to use our drugstore points program to redeem for Guerlain holiday and some Chanel, and then pick up just a few skin care items from Sephora VIB. And then I’m done for 2014 – I hope!

    1. says: Jaa

      I just want soooo many things haha!

      Man, you must have A LOT of points to redeem those!! ;D Stocking up on skincare is a must during Sephora sale. :D

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