Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

I am very excited to share with you today my review of one of the best makeup tools I have ever come across — the Sensor Mirror from Simplehuman! The product has been receiving crazy amount of positive reviews and ratings online (and offline) for its exceptional design and functionality. There are so many details to include in this post and I will try my best to explain everything as clearly and concisely as possible. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is basically a very well built, LED-lit, magnifying mirror with the light automatically turning on when the “sensor” detects movement. Shown above is the “Standard” size.

In the box

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror and accessories
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror and accessories
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror accessories: USB cord and adapter, cleaning cloth, plus a quick start guide and warranty card
What’s included

  1. a mirror
  2. a USB cable
  3. an adapter for wall outlet charging (100-240V)
  4. a cleaning cloth
  5. a quick start guide (in 5 different languages!)

The mirror comes with a 5-year warranty card. To protect your warranty, register your mirror at

Charge time

It is advised to let the mirror charge for a full 7 hours before the first use. And it should last up to 5 weeks with regular use. The light at the top of the base will turn red when it needs charging. Green light indicates a full charge.


Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

The Tru-lux light system (600 lux). The mirror light simulates the bright, natural sunlight and offers full color spectrum (CRI 90) to show every detail in its true color. No more yellowish tint often seen with regular light bulbs! This is especially useful when inspecting the complex colors of makeup products. The brightness of the light cannot be dimmed but I don’t find it to be too bright on my eyes at all even after continued use.

The LED lighting. The mirror’s LED never gets hot and can perform like new even after 40,000 hours — “that’s an hour a day, everyday, for more than 100 years” — so you probably won’t ever have to replace the light in your lifetime!

Smooth and even lighting. The ring light disperses the light very evenly and smoothly so you can see your entire face illuminated without any dimmed/hot spots.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

The hands-free system. The light automatically turns on as the smart sensor detects your face in front of the mirror (actually any movement over the sensor will trigger the light to come on; doesn’t have to be a face). No button to push. Nothing to touch. However, you have to be at least 9 inches or closer to the mirror to activate the light. It takes exactly 1 second for the light to come on and 5 seconds to shut off as you move away from the mirror. The on-and-off light function is supposed to “adapt” to your behavior, too. It becomes “more sensitive” and will not turn off unexpectedly as you use.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

The full adjustability. The mirror can be tilted back fully to accommodate your preferred viewing angle. The height of the stem can also be adjusted from the default 10.5 to the highest 13 inches.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

The cordless system. The mirror can perform cordless to give you the flexibility of moving the mirror to anywhere you choose without having to plug in the cable. This will help keep the top of your desk clean and uncluttered, too.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

The magnification. At 5x magnification level, every detail (and flaws!) on your skin is magnified right in front of you. Together with the bright LED, nothing will ever be missed! The large diameter (8 inches) of the mirror also allows you to see your entire face at once.

Distortion-free. What you see in the mirror, even around the edges, has no distortion. What you see is what you see!

Highest quality glass. The mirror glass is incredibly clear and provides superior reflectivity.

Well designed and built. The mirror is sturdy and made of brushed stainless steel. The bottom of the base has a power switch and an anti-slip rubber ring to prevent skidding.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Limitations and improvements

  • It would be nice if a regular (1x) mirror was included/incorporated somewhere. It is nice to be able to see every detail up-close but usually as a final step of applying makeup, I like to be able to see the overall look from a “normal viewing distance“. Definitely keep a regular mirror nearby just in case!
  • You have to sit pretty close to the mirror to keep the light on and the reflection sharp (more than 9 inches away and everything becomes blurry). It is not a big deal but if you are doing detailed eye makeup, any long-handled brushes could hit the mirror in the process.
  • An option to keep the light on would be ideal. I store different types of makeup in different drawers and sometimes it takes more than 5 seconds to find what I am looking for. The light turning on and off every time I turn to look for things can prove inconvenient. To get around this, I have a clear piece of plastic tape hanging over the sensor area to keep the light on, and when I am done with the mirror, I just flip the tape to the other side of the mirror.


The Sensor Mirror also comes in a mini size (4.75-inch diameter; $130) with a 10x magnification which I think would be perfect for extremely close-up work (and tweezing!). The mirror folds down flat and fits in its protective travel case. I do not have the mini version to compare but my assumption is that with a smaller diameter and a 10x magnification, you probably won’t be able to see your entire face at once. If I were to choose, I would pick the standard version instead. Additionally, there is a wall mount version of the standard size, too, which according to Simplehuman, is easy to install and does not require hard-wiring.

Is it worthy of the price?

Even with a few limitations, I will still say yes, without a doubt. The pros more than outweigh the cons. As a beauty blogger, it is necessary to take close-up photos of my makeup and the Sensor Mirror has been a great help in ensuring that my application is as flawless as possible. Another great thing about it is the fact that I do not have to rely on natural sunlight anymore. With the Sensor Mirror, I can apply my makeup in any lighting condition, even in a completely dark room!

I also love its ability to reflect the true color of my makeup so that I know whatever color I choose to apply on my face is the same color that people will see in daylight. It also helps when I have to describe the color with undertones so that I can give my readers the most correct description of the color as possible.

After having incorporated this mirror into my daily makeup routine, I don’t think I can ever apply my makeup without it anymore, especially when it comes to detailed eye makeup. Being able to see everything enlarged, with a well-lit, bright light, gives me so much control and precision. To me, this is a necessary tool every makeup user should have for the most flawless application.

Have you tried the Sensor Mirror or any products by Simplehuman? What do you like most about the brand? What are you looking forward to trying most?


US$200 at NordstromAmazon


Disclosure: The mirror was provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed herein are honest and my own.

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  1. I was looking for a nice glass and this one looks great !
    I have a babyliss for years, i dont like the lights it has, and it’s not enough big. But over here i havent found any better.
    This mirror may be what i’m looking for since years !

  2. says: Carolyn

    This is the best, most comprehensive review I’ve seen of the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, Jaa! I unfortunately can’t justify spending $200 on a mirror (and at that price I personally would like it to be free of limitations!), but I have a few Simplehuman products around the home (waste baskets and organizational accessories) and really like them. Gorgeous photos as always :).

    1. says: Jaa

      Aww thank you so much, Carolyn!!! You made my day!! :D Now that I have tried the mirror, I really want to try other things from the brand, too! What do you suggest I get? I have seen great reviews on the waste baskets so maybe I’ll check those out!

  3. says: Sunny

    Oh wow, this is such a high-tech mirror! I apply makeup in front of my wardrobe mirror, so it’s not fancy at all :p When I have my own house and a proper vanity, I’ll look into it ;)

    1. says: Jaa

      Really? I thought for sure you had a good setup at your place!!! Goes to show that it’s the skills that are most important! Although the settings and accessories do help, too! ;)

      1. says: Sunny

        Haha you flatter me ;) I guess becoming addicted to makeup wasn’t part of the plan when we bought our furniture. Afterwards there’s no space for it!

        1. says: Jaa

          When did you start becoming addicted to makeup? For me, it’s only been 4 years, lol! Before that I only had 1 Dior lip gloss. Haha.

            1. says: Jaa

              And look at you now! I bet you have more makeup than someone who’s been “into” makeup 20 years or so ago! LOL

  4. says: Alice

    I have yet to encounter a bad review about this sleek and fancy mirror! It’s a pity that there is no on/off button but it’s great you solved that with a piece of tape. I always have to rely on natural sunlight so it’s definitely on my wish list for when I’m getting my own place!

    Alice x |

    1. says: Jaa

      Yeah, the tape works like a charm! :) I’d go crazy shopping for cool furnitures and accessories when I have my own place! ;D

    1. says: Jaa

      Lucky you, Rikki! By the time I’m back home to do any blog/makeup-related, the sun is always gone. :( This mirror has been a great help for me! :)

    1. says: Jaa

      But the mirror will last longer! ;D Hehe j/k! Skincare is so expensive these days, though. My heart skips a beat every time I have to repurchase my staples. -__-“

  5. says: Liz

    This mirror is crazy, lol. I could probably use one because the lighting in my house is absolutely crap even on the best of days, but the whole thing is a bit much for me. Thanks for the great and thorough review though – I’ve come across a few this week and yours is the only one I stopped to actually read.

    1. says: Jaa

      Wow, thanks so much, Liz! I must have done something right?! :D :D :D

      I’m so glad I got my hands on this mirror because none of my old light bulbs that I set up around my makeup station was ever a true “daylight”. They seemed to have this yellow tint to them which makes it difficult for me to see the true colors of my makeup.

      I wish the price of the mirror weren’t so high. It has a lot of potential for people to love it but I understand in this economy not everyone can afford it.

  6. says: Dee

    Yikes these remind me of the mirrors we have in hotels sometimes that let you see every single flaw that you have…every tiny untweezed hair that might otherwise go unnoticed ( to no ill effect) scares me lol. Nice review though Jaa ty!

    1. says: Jaa

      Yup! With a magnifying mirror, one tends to go overboard with the grooming! I only use a regular mirror to groom my brows! ;D

  7. Awesome review, Jaa! Very detailed and informative. I have a clip-on lamp with a compact fluorescent bulb as my makeup light. It cost about $14.00 for the pack of bulbs and the actual lamp itself. My mirror is regular on one side and flips to a magnified mirror on the other side. It folds down into it’s base so I can travel with it. I’ve had it for so many years, I don’t even know where I got it from! I do like the fact that the Simple Human mirror has lighting all the way around the mirror, but I’d rather spend $200 on makeup and skincare, lol! Amazing write up as always, ladybug. <3

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks, Kristen! That sounds just like my old setup! Except I think I may have spent more than $14. ;D

      $200 is definitely steep so if you already have a setup that works well for you, I don’t see a reason to change! :)

    1. says: Jaa

      Oh it would totally make a great Christmas gift!!! ;D Speaking of which, I can’t believe Christmas is only 4 months away! C.R.A.Y.C.R.A.Y!!

  8. says: Sylirael

    This is, hands down, the fanciest mirror I have ever seen! :-D Does it make you feel fancier when you use it? ;-) I totally agree that it would be nice to have a 1x option – like maybe if it could rotate, and one side was magnifying, and one side was 1x. Somehow.

    Or maybe, if it dynamically morphed from 1x to zoom when you give it the thumbs up…

    ..have I spent too long in research?

    1. says: Jaa

      LOL oh I do feel super fancy using it for sure, Syl!!! ;D Having a 1x mirror option would have made this mirror a super perfect mirror!

      Yep, come out come out and play…

  9. says: Özge

    For a minute there I was like, I NEED this mirror in my life. But then again I hate looking at myself when my face is magnified, every tiny little imperfection is out there, and then I saw the price. Argument is over. Jealous of you though, you get to doll yourself up in front of a state of the art mirror!

    1. says: Jaa

      There are definitely pros and cons of being able to see every imperfection close-up on your face. One should not be obsessed with it that’s for sure. I try to do my “routine” grooming with a regular mirror so I don’t over do it. :D

  10. says: Jess

    I love this mirror and have seen it in roadshow a few times, but the price is stopping me! Now you are tempting me again!

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