Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral Review & Swatches

Another Tom Ford lipstick review. Are you surprised? ;D Naked Coral, Forbidden Pink (review), and Bare Peach (review) were previously Asia-exclusive shades but they are now available for purchase on the Tom Ford website (link down below)! I had wanted to buy Naked Coral for so long. I even made a trip to a Tom Ford counter when I visited Thailand back in May but it was out of stock at the time. I hope you can imagine my excitement when I saw it in stock online here! :D It is my favorite shade of the three so I am really glad to finally be able to lay my hand on one! :)

Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral
Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral

I suppose there is no need for the packaging review anymore since I must have talked about it about a thousand times already on HelloJaa! ^_^ But how about a short one-sentence version? Luxurious, immaculate, and a bit hefty, with a cap that snaps close with a satisfying click! ;)

Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral
Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral

Naked Coral has the signature sweet vanilla scent that lasts for a minute or so. I would describe the shade as a medium-toned shimmery coral with a hint of pink although the pink tone isn’t very noticeable once the lipstick is applied on my lips! The amount of shimmer infused in the formula is sky-high but it doesn’t render the application gritty in the least bit. I normally prefer a non-shimmery finish when it comes to lip products but I make an exception for Tom Ford shimmer. It is so ultra fine and makes my lips look full and plump with dimension sans giant chunks of sparkles! :)

But Naked Coral isn’t quite as opaque as the other shades in the line-up. The texture is thinner with a bit of translucency and slipperiness (it’s totally a word you guys!) so it doesn’t apply quite as evenly as I am used to with the more opaque shades. I suppose it has something to do with the high shimmer content as well. It tends to emphasize lip lines and dry flakes just a bit, too, especially when you over apply. So, blotting slightly between layers is key to building the intensity! And as a finishing touch, simply pressing your lips together a few times for a smooth and streak-free finish!

Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral
Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral
Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral built up (L) and sheered out (R)
Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral built up (L) and sheered out (R)

I really like how Naked Coral looks on me. It’s a nice and happy, easy-to-apply shade perfect for a day-to-day basis. It leaves a soft luminous sheen on the lips, too, but it doesn’t last very long, about 2-3 hours at most before it sets to a semi-matte pinky coral stain that lasts for another 3-4 hours. Towards the end of wear it leaves my lips slightly drying but there is nothing a good lip balm can’t fix!

And here is how it looks on me:

Wearing Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral
Wearing Tom Ford Lip Color in #21 Naked Coral

See how wearable the shade is? :D So this completes my ambition to own all three exclusive shades, except now they are not so exclusive anymore. LOL. Oh well! Sometimes I wonder why brands feel the need to release different shades in different continents? For base products such as concealer and foundation, I can kind of see the importance of having a tailored color selection based on demographic skin tones, but lipsticks? Hmm.

On another note, did you get a chance to buy the new Lips & Boys lipstick collection? I totally went crazy on Monday when the range launched on Nordstrom (I prefer buying from Nordstrom for their awesome return policy in case some of the colors didn’t work out). I may have bought a few more shades that I originally planned to. *oops* But in my defense, it was incredibly hard to set a limit when there are 50 shades to choose from! My selection is heavy on the pink spectrum, though, since I am a pink lipstick kinda girl! Can’t wait until they arrive! :D


US$50 at Sephora ○ Tom Ford

At Tom Ford counters

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  1. says: krithi

    i finally got my first TF lip color in the color cherry lush and Im in love :)
    I wish they were cheaper ;)
    this is a bful color as well Jaa ,u look pretty

    1. says: Jaa

      Oh congrats, Krithi! Cherry Lush is a gorgeous color and I think it will look fabulous on you! :D Yeah, I wish they were a bit cheaper as well! Thanks!

  2. says: Sunny

    Hey Jaa, Naked Coral is gorgeous and wearable on you! I think I can pass because I don’t tend to like a highly shimmery finish on myself. Definitely very curious about the Lips & Boys collection! I thought I’d read some reviews before I buy any, so you know, no pressure :p

    1. says: Jaa

      Haha sure. I will definitely take my time since the collection won’t be available again until after Christmas anyway. :)

  3. says: Xuvious

    I’ve been going through Temptalia’s swatches of Lips & Boys, it’s just so hard to narrow it down! It’s a repeat of what I went through when Nars Audacious launched!
    Speaking of Naked Coral, I was initially in doubt due to the glitter but it looks really good Jaa! It reminds me of Chanel Liberte, also similar with glitter but very comfortable. :)

    1. says: Jaa

      Oh I remember going through the same thing with Nars’ Audacious lipsticks! So many colors and I was so overwhelmed that I only picked one color. LOL. Tom Ford lipsticks, however, are dear to me so I tend to pick up more shades than necessary. ^_^’

  4. says: Alice

    Oh, I’m unfortunately not to keen on shimmery finishes, you on the other hand look great on it. I find it a look not easy to wear! Very curious to know what shades you got from Lips & Boys! I’m impatiently waiting for them to be released in Belgium. *no patience!*

    X Alice

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks, Alice! The shimmer is there but not very noticeable on the lips, though! :) I thought you couldn’t get Tom Ford lipsticks in Belgium? (Even though they are made in Belgium!) Correct me if I’m wrong. :)

  5. says: Karina

    It looks really prety on you! but sadly This kind of color wash me out. I’m really excited for the TF Lips&Boy! I want to try Xavier, but It seems sold out :C

  6. says: Erin

    I like this on you a lot. It’s like a slightly coral infused nude but still letting your lip shade peek through a touch.

  7. Hi Jaa,
    this is such a lovely shade. I didn’t know asia exclusives are now available in the States. Here we don’t have them yet. I was eyeing a few of them and asked a friend in Hong Kong some time ago. But then before she could get them, she moved out of there so I had to forget about it. It seems maybe now I can consider to get one, I have to see the swatches again but this one is certainly a candidate, especially after seeing it on you.
    PS: love your eye makeup!

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks so much as always, Sara! Yeah, I was happy to see that they’re selling these in the States now! It should be from the beginning in my opinion! :)

      P.S. I had a friend form HK pick up the Forbidden Pink shade for me. It’s only a few dollars more over there but the shipping was ridiculous, though! >.<

  8. says: Liz

    Pretty colour! I think it used to be that bold colours didn’t sell very well in Asia, although that’s slowly changing now. I still haven’t taken the Tom Ford plunge yet but it’s something to look forward to in the future. :)

    1. says: Jaa

      It’s a dangerous path, Liz. Be warned. LOL. Once you succumb to the world of Tom Ford lipstick, there’s no going back! There’s no getting out of it! Look at me! LOL!!

  9. says: Sylirael

    HNNGH. Stop with all the pretty, wearable corals!! It’s summer here now, so I pretty much have a contractual obligation to wear more coral (wearing some right now, LOL!). I’m safe from this one (more or less) due to availability, but there’s always the traitorous part of my brain that reminds me I have you! :-P

    1. says: Jaa

      Summer! Oh man… how I long for summer… the sunshine.. the heat… the warmth… I’m already tired of having to bundle up all the time when I go out! :( Oh we are really not talking about the weather here, are we? ;D

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