Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush Review & Swatches

I've been waiting for this day for so long! The day that Wicked is restocked so that I can review and show you how absolutely gorgeous this blush color is! :D

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush

Wicked comes in a standard Tom Ford shiny mahogany brown packaging with a gold bar accent. The lid closes with a magnetic force and contains a full-sized mirror inside. A suede-like protective pouch in matching color is provided and I have to say I like this type of material way better than the felt/velvety type which attracts dust like a magnet! This one by Tom Ford does, too, but at a much lesser extent and it's much easier to clean. Tom Ford blushes do not include any type of applicator but if you are a true Tom Ford makeup fan,  I suppose you will probably already have his Cheek Brush (review) which works really well with Wicked! :)

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush

Wicked is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous cool-toned bright raspberry pink with silver and pink microshimmer infused throughout. It is insanely pigmented and so it's best to start with a light hand and a dab of the tip of the brush in the pan for a wearable effect. The silky smooth powder is so incredibly finely-milled and applies beautifully on the skin. It is a bit powdery, though, so do be gentle with it to avoid kicking up powder dust.

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush

I like the type of shimmer in Tom Ford blushes. I like to call it “adult shimmer” meaning you know it is there, you see it in the pan, but it become invisible when applied on the cheeks. I like how it adds just enough of that healthy glowy sheen to keep the pigment from looking flat without ever emphasizing pores or skin's texture. Combined with the bright raspberry pink pigment, you can always expect a cheery, brightening effect on your face whenever you wear Wicked! It's truly a “happy” color. :D

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush

Since it's so pigmented, it can take a bit of blending to smooth out the color and diffuse hard edges. As I said, I typically use a super fluffy brush such as the Tom Ford Cheek Brush to apply but a stippling brush yields pretty results, too. Once blended, the color stays true and vibrant until you remove it! It is one of the longest-lasting blushes in my collection and one that I can always trust that it will not disappear on me after a long day (and night!).

The “wicked” look!

Wearing Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Wearing Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush

When I think of Wicked, I think colorful, cheerful, and youthful, so I thought I'd pair it with an eye look that you don't see very often — lime green! I think it pairs well with Wicked. What do you think? :)

Products used:


  • Lime green eyeshadow – Thrash from the Urban Decay Electric Palette
    (US$49 | Nordstrom)
  • Silver eyeliner – Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Diamonds Are Forever
    (review; US$10 | Sephora)
  • False lashes – Dolly Wink #9 Naturally Dolly
    (US$16.99 | Amazon)


  • Lip liner – Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lip Cheat Re-Size & Re-Shape Lip Liner
    (review; US$22 | Nordstrom)
  • Lip gloss – Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm in Hibiscus Haven
    (review; US$8.99|
Wearing Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush
Wearing Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Blush

Wicked was out of stock for the longest time and I thought for sure it wouldn't make a comeback. Luckily Nordstrom and Saks have just recently restocked it! If you have been wanting to try Wicked, now is the time. Grab one before it's gone again! :)

Do you wear pink blushes often? What kind of pink do you think suits your skin the most?


US$60 at Sephora ○ NordstromSaks ○ Neiman Marcus ○ Bloomingdale's

At Tom Ford counters

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  1. says: Sunny

    Drooooool!!! Definitely on my wish list now (although maybe after Flush since you know, IT’S A CORAL)! I only have Ravage, and that’s my favorite autumn blush! My favorite pink blush is Chanel Rose Initiale. It doesn’t look all that special in the pan, but I reach for it all the time!

  2. says: Lily

    OK, I haven’t been thinking about TF blushes for the longest time, and you just nudged me back to that pit again!!!!!!! It looks gorgeous on you, Jaa. Very beautiful, and bold pairing with the lime :-)

    1. says: Jaa

      They probably had enough of people asking when it would become available again. :D I don’t see why they would discontinue such gorgeous color and the one that people probably chase after the most. Of all the colors, this one should stay in my opinion! ;D

  3. says: Teresa

    This is so, SO pretty — both the product itself, and on you! I have hope that one day I will get to play with some Tom Ford face products. They look truly delightful.

  4. says: JK

    hmm. maybe i have to try this one! i purchased ‘frantic pink’ … and honestly, you mostly see shimmer on my face.. not the pink color. (and i’m about nc15!) maybe i need to cheery brightness of wicked in my collection!

    1. says: Jaa

      I’ve been going back and forth with Frantic Pink! The swatches look SO pretty but I doubt if it would show up on me. I think I should just forget about it if it doesn’t even show up on your NC15 skin. LOL. But my gosh, so pretty!!

  5. says: Dee

    Dayummm . thats one gorgeous blush !! Love that pairing up with the lime green eyeshadow look Jaa. Damn you TF with your beautiful products in beautiful packaging!!

  6. says: sylirael

    Pink + lime green + silver = EPIC WIN. :-D I love it!

    Also, not being one for shimmery blushes, really, but definitely being one for the *idea* of silver shimmer shot through a raspberry blush (now I want to eat it), you can be sure I like all my shimmer to be ‘adult shimmer’. You know, the blushes they keep behind the R18 curtain at the makeup store…wait…

    *cough* ANYWAY

    This is gorgeous. Nuff said. My favourite pink blush is Chanel Affinite, which is a little warm. I discovered a phile ago that cool, pale people like me can actually wear peachy tones really well! The blue must match with the orange, LOL!

  7. says: Natasja

    I don’t own anything by Tom Ford yet but all of the products are always so classy looking. This color is really soft and romantic and it looks absolutely great on you :)

  8. says: Erin

    I’ve been interested in most of the TF blushes for a while now, Wicked is close to the top of the list. I’m always worried I wouldn’t be able to wear it that often due to the number of Rosacea free days :( I tend to fair better with something that blends with it to change the tone and not heighten it.

    1. says: Jaa

      I have a feeling this one could highlight that… I’m not a 100% positive but it is likely. Definitely have it applied on your cheeks first before buying! :)

  9. says: Liz

    I want to bury my face in that fluffy brush. Love how this colour looks on you and I can definitely see the grown-up glow. ;D

  10. says: Audrey

    Wicked was my favorite blush ever, recently it was stolen from me so I ordered it again (from neimans) but it is NOT the same color! It looks totally matte now and more coral than raspberry:( I’m so bummed! I wonder if they changed the formula or did I get a bad one?

    1. says: Jaa

      WHAT?! NO WAY!!! How dare they change the formula?! The shimmery texture is what makes Wicked so special! And more coral now?!!! Just NOO! Do you have a counter nearby? I’d totally try another one to know for sure if the formula has been changed. And please keep me posted!

      1. says: Audrey

        Yeah they definitely changed it, I bought another one from another site and same thing. But I found a great dupe-MAC Dollymix so I’m happy again?

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