Tool Thursday: Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge Review

Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge; damp (L) and dry (R)
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge; damp (L) and dry (R)
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge; damp (L) and dry (R)
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge; damp (L) and dry (R)
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge; damp (L) and dry (R)
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge; damp (L) and dry (R)
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge
Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge


  • Damp: 3.5 cm H x 2 cm D (1.4 in H x 0.8 in D)
  • Dry: 2.7 cm H x 1.7 cm D (1.1 in H x 0.7 in D)

Review & Usage

Beautyblender Micro.Mini Makeup Sponge is… really mini! It is designed for precise contouring and highlighting on smaller areas of the face. It has the same egg shape and is made of the same latex-free material as the original Beautyblender but is only a quarter of the size. To use, wet the sponge, squeeze out excess water, and use bouncing motions to distribute and blend your makeup onto the skin for a flawless, streak-free finish.

I mainly use it to blend my concealer on the under eye area down to the side of my nose (the upside down triangle). It works really great for that purpose and I definitely feel that it gives a better coverage than the original Beautyblender. It is supposedly great for highlighting and contouring the nose, too. Just run the tip along the sides of the nose to contour or along the ridge to highlight. The round bottom can also be used to apply and blend out highlighter above the cheekbones.

The pointed tip fits perfectly into tight spaces such as the inner corners of the eyes and Cupid’s Bow. Sometimes I also use it to apply cream eyeshadow all over the lids as well as fix the lipstick smudge and eyeliner mistake. It also comes in handy when the foundation on the side of my nose and around my blemishes becomes dry and flaky as I can easily redistribute my foundation with the wet sponge. So not only is it great for applying products in the nooks and crannies of the face, it is also a great little tool for touch-ups around the face.

I really like the overall performance of the mini version but if there was one thing I could change (or ask for a change), it would be the size of it. I find it to be too small at times. I’d like to think that I have pretty small hands but sometimes I still feel awkward holding and maneuvering it around my face. Even when it is doubled in size (damp), it’s still very tiny. The extra and precise coverage is nice but it will take you longer to finish the job. If I’m in a hurry, forget it, I am better off with the original version. I think it would be much better if they came out with a “medium” size, something a bit bigger than the mini and smaller than the original. I’d totally be all over it!

I think it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. If you contour your nose or conceal your under eye a lot, and have plenty of time to do your makeup in the morning, the mini would be a great additional tool to have. However, if you are not too strict with how you apply your makeup and precision is not your priority, I’d recommend the original size instead.

The mini is easy to wash and dries fast, although it seems to stain more easily than the original one. The neon green dye also bleeds during the first few washes. I’ve been washing my Beautyblenders with the Blendercleanser and Blendercleanser Solid with great results and I highly recommend them. They are simply more convenient and tend to remove the stains much faster than all my other cleansers.


US$17.95 (2-pack) at

฿750 at Sephora Thailand

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  1. says: Jasmine

    It does grow some! If it was pink as the original it would really be cute, but this colour make is very energetic (if that makes any sense)!

  2. says: Sunny

    Hey Jaa, thanks for the review! I swear I’ve been waiting for this since I saw a picture on your Instagram quite a while ago! I think I’ll skip these though. My hands are really pretty big, and I don’t contour my nose AT ALL (should I start???). I find that my Dior Backstage Blender does a great job blending out concealer underneath my eyes as well, so maybe I don’t need these. If I ever get a Beauty Blender, it’ll probably be the white version, because I can’t stand it when brushes bleed dye. But man, they’re so dang cute!!!

    1. says: Jaa

      Then I’m afraid you might find these a little too small for your hands. :( I want to try the white version of the BB, too, but the thought of seeing every stain on it kinds of puts me off a little. I might eventually get one if I ever come across some amazing deals! :)

  3. says: Eesha

    Hello Jaa,

    I don’t even have the original Beauty Blender and I don’t think I am even getting these. But, these are so damn cute.

    1. says: Jaa

      Oh how come? Do you prefer brushes? The BB sponges are really, really good, though! So much fun to use and they give really nice and smooth coverage! I can’t live without my BB. :)

  4. says: Lena L

    I love BB and have used two of the pink ones very happily, too.
    The micro mini would work so well for concealer blending and on those little nooks and crannies. I want to try this soon.
    Thanks for the detailed review. Your pics and reviews are always so amazing! ;)

    1. says: Jaa

      Thank you so much, Lena! :) Yeah, I mainly use these for blending out my under eye concealer. Work like a charm! :D

  5. says: Dee

    Bought these two recently as well and Ive been loving it for my under concealer. My hands must be tinier than yours Jaa coz its perfect for me lol. I loved them so much I did buy the original BB too ( probably the only person who bought the original AFTER the minis!!). I have had so many BB dupesin the past and one of them comes v v v close but the original BB is well..the original !Much bouncier than its best dupe in my makeup drawer! Anyways…I actually like the lime green colour better and mine didn’t shed colour ..or I missed it when it did lol!!

    1. says: Jaa

      Haha nice, Dee!! As for me, I didn’t try any makeup sponges prior to the BB ones at all so I don’t know about those dupes! Glad to know nothing performs as good! ;D If you look at my photos, you can kind of see the left one (damp) is slightly faded compared to the brand new unused one on the right (dry). So yeah, mine did bleed! Slightly but still! :(

  6. says: Liz

    Man, I find the original kind of hard to grasp sometimes, so these are going to give me cramped hands for sure. They also look like quail eggs and therefore edible. LOL

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