Tool Thursday: Louise Young Super Foundation Brush Review

Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush
Louise Young Super Foundation Brush


  • Head: 4 cm H x 2.5 cm W x 2.5 cm D (1.6 in H x 1 in W x 1 in D)
  • Handle: 14.5 cm L (5.7 in L)

Review & Usage

Louise Young Super Foundation Brush isn't called a “super” brush for no reason! This is a huge foundation brush that will get your base applied in less than 1 minute — literally!

It is a dome-shaped brush with long synthetic bristles. The shape is very similar to the Hourglass No 2 Blush/Foundation Brush (review) except this one has longer bristles that are more tapered, pointier, and narrower in diameter. The bristles are densely-packed, soft, plush, and very springy and they fan out just enough to cover large areas in a few strokes!

The way this brush was made, I think it's best to use “sweeping” motions rather than buffing to apply foundation. You can use it with both cream and liquid formula but it tends to soak up quite a bit of product into the bristles. Therefore, I like to dot my foundation directly on my face first then follow with this brush to sweep and blend outward.

Due to the size, it may not be suitable for precise work but it can still get the narrower areas of the face such as around the nose and under eye covered. I have also seen good results when I used this brush to apply cream blushes and bronzers on my cheeks.

When the bristles are clean, it's easy to get a good coverage and smoothing finish with no brush strokes. To keep the bristles free from buildup that may eventually results in streaky finish, it is wise to wash the brush often every after few uses. Good thing it is easy to clean and doesn't take too long to dry.

However, I have a small problem with the wooden handle. Mine came loose from the ferrule! I'm not sure if the glue wasn't strong enough or that the wood dried out during transit and became loose. Either way, it's easy to fix! I simply reapplied more glue and tightened it back in. I can deal with loose handle as long as there's no shedding which luckily that has never occurred with this brush.

If you are always rushing in the morning, this is the foundation brush I highly recommend you invest in! :)


US$41 at Nordstrom ○ Louise Young


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  1. I’ve never tried anything from Louise Young, but the brushes seem to be mentioned a lot when I watch Pixiwoo videos and this brush sounds good other than the handle coming loose. At least the bristles don’t shed like crazy!

  2. says: Sunny

    This brush reminds me of the Hourglass one as well! I’m glad you explained the similarities/differences in the post. I also think the Hourglass one works better with a sweeping motion rather than a stippling one, and I like how fast it works so I think I’ll like this, too!

    1. says: Jaa

      The two are very similar! But the Louise Young one is even faster than the Hourglass!! ;D By nanoseconds but still. LOL.

  3. says: Erin

    I’m always drooling over the Louise Young brushes when I watch any Pixiwoo video! Speaking of those two I just got my first RT set! WHOOP WHOOP!

    SO Jaa… would recommend stippling/buffing or sweeping type brushes for people with larger pores? I’ve used several flatter paddle brushes and I’m not sure they work as well as the stippling. I’ve never used a sweeping one though.

    1. says: Jaa

      Oh niiiiiiiiiiice! What set did you get? I actually find “sweeping” method better at covering pores (at least for me). I also get better coverage, too! :)

  4. says: Alice

    I have been wanting this for ages but never bought it because it looks huge, haha. I do love that it applies foundation in no time, great for early mornings! Such a shame for the handle though, at least you’ve fixed it! ;)

    X Alice

    1. says: Jaa

      But it’s huge for a reason! Hehe. It doesn’t feel awkward during application or anything, though!

      Yep! Easy fix! :D

  5. says: Sylirael


    Seriously, I hate using foundation brushes (any that I’ve ever used or have been used on me have left streaks, so I gave up), but I totally want to just have ones like this that I can have sitting up in a jar at my desk. Some people have stress balls. I think a jar of stress-fondle-brushes woudl work well, don’t you? :-D

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