Tool Thursday: MAC Lash Applicator Review

MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator
MAC Lash Applicator


  • 13.2 cm L (5.2 in L)

Review & Usage

I think I may have found something that works even better than the Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator (review)! If you prefer applying falsies with a tweezer-like tool, then I really think you’ll like this new accessory from MAC — designed specifically for applying false lashes — called Lash Applicator.

The applicator is well designed and constructed. It is made of sturdy matte black metal and due to the longer-than-usual handle, it requires a little more-than-usual force to squeeze the tip closed. The tip comes protected with a small, clear plastic tube to keep the tip from opening when not in used.

Why do I like this one better than the Sephora applicator? Well, I like that the tip is much smaller and slimmer. It allows me to pick up falsies with more precision and flexibility regardless of the eyelash shape. You can apply the lash either from the side or directly in the middle of the eye, whichever you prefer. I also like that I can now hold the handle further away from the tip which gives me a clear view during lash application. I feel much better when I see exactly what I’m doing as there is nothing to block my vision.

The lightly curved and elongated lip reaches the corner of the lash more easily and precisely, too. No need to flip to the other end to push the lash in place. With MAC Lash Applicator, you can pick up the lash, apply it to the eye, and adjust the base to conform to the shape of your eye in one go. It is also much easier to wipe clean since it’s made of metal which does not attract dust like the rubber material usually does. Not to mention it takes much less space to store the applicator. If you are not afraid of using a tweezer-like applicator near your eyes, then I think this tool is worth looking into/investing in. :)


US$21 at NordstromMacy’sMAC

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  1. says: Sunny

    Hey Jaa, I was wondering if you like this one or the Sephora one more, but you explained it so well in the post! It’s actually easier for me to get the MAC one. If I start wearing falsies, I’ll look into this!

  2. says: Xuvious

    I think I’ve only worn falsies a total of five times yet and I’ve worked with tweezers, all the while being scared of accidentally poking my eyes with it!
    I think the biggest improvement here is the angle which will make it so easy to apply. :)

  3. says: Monique

    Falsies are for me an occasional thing mainly because i haven’t mastered the application process fully yet (haha yes ill admit). I was looking into tools that help and this really looks like a score. And your explanation really helped. :-)

    1. says: Jaa

      Hey Mo! This one is my favorite tool to apply falsies right now! It took me a while before I “mastered” the technique. ^_^ Practice and persistence I guess! :D

  4. says: Lena L

    How neat!
    I don’t wear falsies on a daily basis but I always feel scared to use a regular tweezer for application when I do (and I don’t since my tweezer is super sharp). I tried those plastic ones that come with falsies too, but they never work.
    I’d love to have this in my arsenal! It will last forever, too!

    1. says: Jaa

      Those plastic ones are usually either too flimsy or too small! This one is way better and yes will last forever, too! :)

  5. says: Lily

    The main reason I don’t wear falsies much is because they’re uncomfortable, and also they’re a hassle to wear. This one sounds handy though. I might just get one, and see if I’ll be wearing more lashes. LOL!

    1. Success! So what I wanted to say earlier: I am terrible at applying falsies, but this tool looks like it would make things easier for me. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever be a real falsy aficionado.

    1. says: Jaa

      If you are not afraid of using anything that looks like a tweezer near your eyes, I think this is a great tool to have, Carolyn! It makes applying falsies so easy for me! :)

  6. says: Liz

    I don’t wear falsies regularly enough to invest in a tool like this, but if ever I do, this is the one I’d get! Thanks. :)

  7. says: Sylirael

    Hehe, another torture instrument! ^_^ either that or it looks like something that a rogue would have in her roll of trap-disarming tools. Or maybe something that a sorceress has in her pouch for preparing summoning ingredients?

    Or maybe I have an overactive (and RPG themed) imagination? :-D

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