Tool Thursday: Smashbox Fan Brush #22 Review

Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22
Smashbox Fan Brush #22


  • Head: 3.2 cm H x 4.5 cm W x 1 cm D (1.2 in H x 1.7 in W x 0.4 in D)
  • Handle: 16 cm L (6.3 in L)

Review & Usage

Smashbox Fan Brush #22 is a two-toned fan brush made of  goat hair. It has Smashbox's signature red handle and black ferrule. This is one of the lightest brushes I own. It is so lightweight that it feels like you are holding a piece of paper but the long and thin handle still offers a good control of the brush.

You can use a fan brush to:

  1. Remove eyeshadow fallout under the eye without disturbing the rest of your makeup
    Unlike most fan brushes, this one has a smaller head so it fits nicely under the eye area. The super soft goat hair is non-scratchy and feels super light on the skin. It actually feels like you're wiping away fallout with a feather!
  2. Fan out excess powder
    If you over apply your face powder, try fanning (thinning) it out with this brush for a more natural finish.
  3. Apply pigmented brushes and bronzers
    The soft and sparse bristles pick up just the right amount to deliver a sheer application. Use the flat side to brush lightly on the cheeks for a soft and natural finish of your blush powder. Use the thin side by holding the brush perpendicular to your face to apply a light veil of bronzer on the contour of your face then wiggling the brush up and down to diffuse hard edges. This is the ultimate cheek brush for those who are heavy-handed!
  4. Apply highlighting powder
    The tip of the brush rests perfectly on the top of cheekbones. Wiggle the brush back and forth to diffuse the look of your highlighter.
  5. Apply setting powder
    For a soft-focus effect, try using a fan brush to apply your setting powder. Sometimes I also use it with my powder foundation to achieve a natural, non-cakey finish.

This is a good all-round brush to have in your brush arsenal. It's not necessarily a “core” tool but it's one that will polish the look and help pull everything together. I have a few other fan brushes from different brands but this one is among my most favorites due to its smaller size and soft goat hair. The brush is fragile so a great care must be taken during use, wash, and storage. The bristles rarely shed and I have not had experience with the hair falling off on my skin during my makeup application. It washes nicely and dries quickly, too.

Do you own a fan brush? Do you think it's a necessary tool? Do you prefer natural or synthetic hair?


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  1. says: Sunny

    I really need to get myself a fan brush soon! I was thinking about the MAC one, but it is for some reason not available here! I might look into the Louise Young one. I have a strong preference for natural hair, although synthetic hair is better at certain tasks. Thanks for sharing the many uses of a fan brush, Jaa! It’ll help this fan brush newbie figure it out :)

    1. says: Jaa

      Oh I would love to know what you think about the Louise Young one if you purchase it! It looks so dense, lush, and fluffy!!! I bet the hairs feel teddy bear soft on the skin!!

  2. says: Dee

    Wanted a fan brush when I didnt have. Have it now, don’t use it lol. Such are the ways of a fickle beauty blogger!!

  3. says: Sylirael

    Fan brushes are actually something I’m really interested to try! They’re not as fun to fondle as kabuki brushes or face brushes, but the look like they’d be fun to use, and make me feel super professional, LOL!

    I also feel like they would be good for me to use if I wanted to try applying highlighter – I already glow in the dark, so I think I need to be able to do a very delicate, precise application to the cheekbones, etc!

    1. says: Jaa

      “I already glow in the dark.” <--- this = ROFLMAOWTFBBQ!!! Hahahahahahaa. I'd like to see that! Take pix!!!! ;D

  4. says: jenn

    i’m still such a noob with this tool. i have one but its so floppy it doesn’t really drag powder or sweep away much. i think i need something stiffer to really work to applying anything on it.

    that being said, i also realize i totally underutilize my tools…

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