Weekly Tidbits #2


-ONE- #PRAYFORNEPAL There’s nothing more saddening this past week than the news of the deadly earthquake in Nepal, so called the Himalayan earthquake+ that has caused more than 6,600 lives and injured more than twice as many so far. If you’d like to help financially, Pratigya Tamang, or Promise Tamang Phan, who is from Nepal, has set up a Homes for Earthquake Victims fundraiser at gofundme.com/Re-buildNepal where you can help by donating as little or as much as you want to help re-build homes for the victims. She and her husband will personally donate $10,000 once the $100,000 donation goal has been met. She’s truly a beauty inside and out and I encourage all of us to help donate to those who are less fortunate. Every dollar counts! :)

-TWO- I tried a new makeup trick this week and I’m loving the result! Since the move, my face has been bombarded with big, red, painful, hormonal acne that it has become such a hassle trying to conceal them. I’ve heard of this trick for some time now but have only had a chance to try it this week, and that is applying concealer before foundation! I spot conceal my acne first, then follow with my foundation routine. This helps blend away concealer edges as well as prevent it from drying up and caking. The foundation will move the concealer a little bit so depending on the coverage needed, I’ll sometimes follow with more concealer on the spots that need more coverage.

-THREE- I’m starting to look into online makeup shopping from places that offer free international shipping. So far I have found Beauty Bay, Cosme-De, Vivadream, Strawberrynet, and Feelunique, among many others. Have you shopped from any of these sites before? How has your experience been with them? Do you have any other places that you regularly shop and recommend? I do have a good friend in the US who is willing to ship my US orders to me but it would be better if I didn’t have to bother her all the time! In Thailand, my Facebook followers recommended Central, Luxola, Konvy, and more (see my Facebook post here). If you know of any trustworthy places, please share!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Moonlight
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Moonlight

-FOUR- This week I’ve been obsessed with my  new Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (see review) in Moonlight (US$28; Sephora)! As always, the pigmentation is absolutely amazing! The formula is also crazy creamy and mega long-lasting. Moonlight is a super sparkly metallic pewter shade that I like to use in the inner corners of the eyes to highlight and boy, does it look stunning! It makes a great base for powder eyeshadows, too!

Pens of the week!
Pens of the week!

-FIVE- Of course, my week wouldn’t have been complete with out buying more stationery! This week I present you a set of 0.38 mm M&G ballpoint pens that has this phrase stamped on it: This Dalatwo is Vintage. Absolutely NO idea what it means. LOL! But hey, they are cute and write well and that’s all that matters! ;) I’m still missing the green one so I make it my mission to hunt it down next week!

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  1. says: Lena L

    It is so sad about the earthquake. There is a colleague of mine whose cousins were affected and one of them was only 3 year old. I hope there is no more victims. I have made a small donation through other charity. However, I must say I am slightly bothered by “once the donation goal is met” bit, although it is admirable what Ms. Phan is doing, .
    LM Moonlight is beautiful. I want to get one myself once I run out of my Grey Pearl.
    Have a wonderful week ahead, Jaa! :)

  2. says: Olivia

    The Nepal earthquake makes me so sad, but I also feel helpless, because I never know what happens with my money. I really want to help but I’m unsure how :/ I’ll see if I can donate to the Dutch national charity post. Those pens are TOOOOO cute!!!! I recently bought some supercute notebooks as well. Now just some nice pens to match :o)

    1. says: Jaa

      I guess it’s difficult to track down where our money goes to exactly but at least we’re doing something to help. I love buying notebooks as well but I’m not as crazy about them as I am about pens. ;)

  3. I have bought from Beauty Bay once and it was a pleasant experience. Only the newsletter they do isn’t the prettiest, but that shouldn’t hinder the ordering process.

    On Nepal: Thank you for sharing Promise Phans charity. I have been to Nepal back in 2011 and still have some contacts over there, who thankfully all are safe. Seeing the damage done to the places I visited and seeing the people suddenly homeless was very sad.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks for your suggestion, Anne. I’ll look into it!

      I have never been to Nepal and I’m already so terribly saddened by the news. I can’t imagine what it is like for those affected. :(

  4. Hi Jaa,
    I shop often from Beauty Bay and Feelunique. I didn’t have problem with them so far. You may want to look at the customs situation in there though and see how much you can order without paying extra, that is so important. Appying concealer before foundation, that is a nice trick, I will try it too :-)

  5. says: Rachelle

    Luxola is a pretty kickass place to purchase your makeup from in SEA! I pretty much get everything from there since they have 30% off sales often ;-)

    1. says: Jaa

      Thanks for sharing! That’s so painful to read! But hey they’re trying! ;D I think it’s easier for me to understand, though, since I’m used to seeing poor translation like this all the time. :)

  6. says: Natasja

    Pretty overview of this article! I think I have always first applied concealer then foundation :) I’m glad it helps concealing better for you! I think your face needs some rest.. so get some rest girl… a move can be quite stressful on the body and mind! x

    1. says: Jaa

      My skin is doing much better now, thank goodness! Right now I’m just trying to fade the many acne scars on my cheeks! :(

  7. says: Kimmy

    Thank you for sharing the information on #PRAYFORNEPA and bringing awareness to this cause. As for as international shipping, I tend to use a friend as well (that sounds so bad) in addition to a US mail box which fwds to me here, and a few companies that ship internationally like Beauty Bar :-)

  8. says: Dee

    oh i love the weekly musings. Youre so so far away sniffle.
    Yes it really is devastating news about Nepal :( And to think they got hit again..I guess they knew that was on its way but its still so tragic.
    I havebought from strawberry.net Jaa and didnt have any issues with them. Bought my Kevyn aucoin SSE from there. The pens are SO cute lol. I’ve always applied concealer before my foundation hehe . Hope your skin feels better soon ! xox

    1. says: Jaa

      Such a tragedy. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to wake up one day and realize that you have no home anymore. :( I hope they continue receiving help from other countries.

      I think I may have ordered from strawberry.net once. I’ll look into it. My skin has already improved so much since this post. Thanks, Dee!

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